A Little Bit About Us

One of the great strengths of Qlik® is its simplicity and accessibility, and there is a lot of valuable material publicly available designed to get you up and running with the program. What is a lot harder to find is targeted tuition tailored for the intermediate and advanced level. Much of the support provided for more specialized problem solving comes from knowledge shared throughout the informal ‘Qlik® community’ of online forums and blogs, and many users do not realize the vast potential of the platform.

Our idea was to bring the brightest stars of the Qlik® community together in major cities around the world to create the premier industry event, sharing knowledge and forging relationships across the Qlik® fraternity. Our Masters Summit combines the educational value of a technical training course with the networking power of an international conference format.

Now in its third year, Master’s Summit for QlikView® has trained over 500 coders across Europe and USA, collaborating with some of the top Qlik® experts in the world. We make sure to comprehensively survey all our participants and so far the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. To date we have maintained a 100% recommendation score!

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Our Sponsors


In4BI creates powerful software solutions that help companies to leverage their BI investment. In4BI’s flagship product, Platform Manager, is widely used by Qlik® Customers to help them improve their level of control, increase productivity and reduce costs. The integrated solution offers an enforced process for changing and publishing QlikView® and Qlik Sense® applications to Business Users. The in-depth Analyses enables companies to further optimize their change process and helps them with compliance regulations.

As a Qlik Technology partner In4BI has direct access to knowledge enabling us to create the best possible integrated solution for new Qlik® versions and platforms. In4BI has its own partner network of experienced Qlik® Companies who are trained to sell and implement Platform Manager.

The products and solutions that In4BI delivers benefit many organizations of different sizes and independent of market segmentation. Financial institutions and pharmaceutical companies use Platform Manager for regulation, corporate governance and compliance. Automotive companies use Platform Manager for quality control and secure Deployment to Business users.



QlikMaps is a location analytics engine for QlikView® and Qlik Sense®. With QlikMaps, you can enhance your Qlik® apps with customized, interactive maps and geospatial analysis.  Make discoveries that graphs, charts, and dashboards just can’t reveal.  QlikMaps is easy to install and configure, doesn’t require a server, and bundles all third party licensing.