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One of the great strengths of Qlik is its simplicity and accessibility, and there is a lot of valuable material publicly available designed to get you up and running with the program. What is a lot harder to find is targeted tuition tailored for the intermediate and advanced level. Much of the support provided for more specialized problem solving comes from knowledge shared throughout the informal ‘Qlik community’ of online forums and blogs, and many users do not realize the vast potential of the platform.

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  • Guest Speakers for Boston Masters Summit June 15, 2017
      I’m pleased to announce our guest speakers for the upcoming  Boston Masters Summit for Qlik , October 23-25 Anthony Deighton, Qlik CTO, will be our evening speaker.  Since 2005 Anthony has been responsible for guiding product strategy and leading all aspects of the company’s R&D efforts.  Anthony’s talk is sure to be interesting, stimulating and informative. Nick Webster’s evening […]
    Rob Wunderlich
  • Sense Alternate States, Please June 7, 2017
    When I started with QlikView (V7), we sometimes wanted to operate on data other than the current selections.  We accomplished this with the ALL keyword and complex if() functions.  It usually did the job but slow, resource intensive and frequently complex to code. Along came Set Analysis in QV8.5. Brilliant! Performance problem solved! We still […]
    Rob Wunderlich
  • A Journey to My First Published Extension May 15, 2017
    Like Karl Pover, I’m curious to learn more about writing Qlik Sense extensions and other opportunities to use the Sense APIs.   I’ve created some throwaway examples in class, usually working directly in the Sense/Extensions directory. I found I reached the point where I wanted to get a bit more serious about the mechanics of […]
    Rob Wunderlich

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  • What I learned about Qlik Sense security February 23, 2017
    When comparing Qlik Sense to QlikView, the most obvious differences are on the front-end, with its completely overhauled and fully responsive design. Other major differences are the server-based development, the use of Master Items and the shift towards APIs, mashups, extensions and widgets. Somewhat less prominent, though very deserving of your attention, is the security model […]
    Wesley Smit
  • Qlik named leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant February 16, 2017
    The 2017 Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence and Analytics Platforms has been released and Qlik is in the Leaders quadrant for the 7th consecutive year! Besides Qlik, both Tableau and Microsoft return in the Leaders quadrant, where they also were last year.   Comparing this edition with previous year’s Magic Quadrant, we can see that Qlik […]
    Barry Harmsen
  • Look who’s talking to your Qlik Sense Desktop January 4, 2017
    Happy new year to you! Just a very short post today with a little fun and possibly a warning. You may be aware that you can use the Qlik Sense API’s on your Qlik Sense Desktop, but are you also aware that any webpage can access them? The widget on the top right contains some JavaScript […]
    Barry Harmsen

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  • Q-Tip #17 – The Curious Case of a Wildcard Load and a Join May 9, 2017
    It’s been a while since I had a chance to write a blog article… I can’t complain though, because preparing and delivering the Masters Summit for Qlik in Munich was a lot of fun. I also took a few days off and jumped to Prague, which was awesome! Interesting discovery (at least to myself) – in Prague,...
    Oleg Troyansky
  • Q-Tip #16 – What’s Special About Those Derived Fields December 20, 2016
    Ever since the introduction of Derived Fields in Qlik Sense, I was curious – what’s so special about them? Are they different from any other fields that are stored in your data set? Are they stored or calculated on the fly? Do they work equally well in Chart dimensions, in Filters, and in Set Analysis...
    Oleg Troyansky
  • Q-Tip #15 – Excluding the Excluded October 27, 2016
    It’s been a while since I found an interesting topic, worthy of a blog article… This Q-Tip originated from a question that we received at the Masters Summit for Qlik in Ausitn, TX. Here is the question: Hmm… at first I was puzzled and couldn’t even come up with a direction for the possible solution....
    Oleg Troyansky

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  • Did you get the memo? … finding the subField of a string February 25, 2016
    Just a quick post (yes, I know I still owe you a PART 2 for the accumulating data post) .. Situation I am dealing with a string which has an arbitrary number of words in it. Each word is separated by a space. I want to get the last word. (ahem!) Solution I was not […]
  • The Trouble With Totals – those pesky accumulations February 5, 2016
        The trouble I don’t know about you, but I find it VERY easy to run into trouble (a.k.a. BUGS) when implementing accumulations in charts in Qlik. I’ve probably made every mistake possible at one time or another. Especially when working with averages, it can be very easy to make an “unnoticed mistake” … […]
  • Importing Tasks via Remote Management – Step-by-Step July 31, 2014
    I recently moved a client’s dev/test environment onto a new server. There were a few dozen reload tasks and rather than recreate them by hand, I chose to use the Import Task feature via the QMS Remote Management service. I’ve known about this feature but have never had a chance to use it. I looked […]
    Bill Lay