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Bill Lay

QlikView® Consultant & Trainer


Bill Lay is a top West Coast QlikView® consultant. He specializes in rapid development projects and has served dozens of clients and delivered over 50 projects in just two years. Bill brings the tradition and rigors of software development methodology to the fast-track environment of QlikView®. He’s worked with Fortune 500 companies to develop enterprise strategies for their QlikView® programs.

Bill is also a certified QlikView® trainer with a real knack for explaining tough concepts like set analysis and the intricacies of the associative data model. Bill writes The Qlik Board! blog where he expounds on the more esoteric features and hidden gems within QlikView®.

Bill began working with QlikView® Version 8, after years of experience (and disappointment) with traditional BI tools. He quickly became a customer and evangelist. In 2010 he won QlikView®’s application building contest at Q-Days in San Diego. Bill founded The William Lay Group in 2010, a small practice specializing in analytics using 100% QlikView®. His formal education is in science and he holds a Ph.D. in Physics from UCLA.

Bill Lay